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A total entertainment blog! It's about humour, life, bizarre and odd world, facts, a list of entertainment not a gossip. Tym2laff main goal is to give information while having fun.
Italy's #1 Paparazza* opines on travel, food, culture, politics and gossip.
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this is were i blog about my random s-a-h-m's thoughts...
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Buddhism in the Modern Society teaches how to Apply Buddhism in daily Lives and talks about the Changes of Buddhist Societies from Buddha's time till modern time.
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This is my personal blog on living and coping with begin diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, a mental illness.
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Categories include: Lake Huron, music, poetry, prose, thoughts, wonder.

Pages include: Writer's Blog, I am Keats as you are.

This blog explores the many manifestations of the author's job!
Original content. Very funny. Family friendly. If I were a starting pitcher in the game of life, I'd be 0-29.
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Experiences, activities & testimonies in every single day. business, real estate, accounting, taxation, book reviews, art, music, poetry, movies, sports and other events
A recent college graduate travelling to Japan to teach English. Her goal is to learn the Japanese culture by living and working with the Japanese people. Follow her journey from deciding to live in Japan, finding the job to get her there, and her daily life teaching English.
I'm one of the many women of color who are pursuers of the countless truths inherent in an array of issues. A good debate and the sharing of ideas and points of view can be intriguing as well as challenging. The basic theme of this blog, however, is to provide a forum for various perspectives on the many challenging topics/events facing us today. It may also become a means of problem solving as we debate them.
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