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I spent most of my life on the west coast until February 2010 when my husband got the call. His dream job presented itself and God flung the doors wide open in NE Ohio. With one month's notice, we packed our things, said our goodbyes, and embarked on a new life adventure 2400 miles from where we started. So, this is me: a Seattle girl at heart who tries to love well and laugh a lot. I am happily married and the funniest person I know. This is me sharing my midwest stories with you.
First, why the name. Mostly its a gentle reply to all those people who called us, the people South of Vindhyas, as Madrasis. As ubiquitous as idli wada sambhar, this blog is to assert (perhaps reinforce) that we stand for something more than that !
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All about me, my thoughts, my opinions and my God.
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A collection of thoughts and tips on food, lifestyle, beauty, recreation and other things that can help make life worthwhile.
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Kagero is trying to write about her life in an unguarded and honest way, and is inadvertently documenting the intense mood swings that living with depression is characterized by. You get to read about her travails at work and at home, as she is attempting to come to terms with who she is and find a way out of the prison of her own mind.
Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country. I am chronicling our exploits with the mad, the sad, the bad and the glad in a blog for the whole world to ignore.
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Personal Blog that's inspirational, positive and talks about everyday life. A blog where comments, ideas, daily talk, and fun is welcome. Passages are motivational and for many to view.
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One soul's reflections on consciousness, the universe and the nature of reality. Information on ascension, consciousness expansion, awareness, light workers, spirituality, living in the heart, perception.
The crazy stuff we do on a daily basis. "You can't spell friends without fiends"
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Its a collections of articles about my travels, full of stories and tips for all fellow travelers. Traveling is passion for me and this blog is an attempt to write my experiences and share them with the world!
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