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Pet: Any animal kept by humans for companionship or pleasure rather than for utility. The main distinction between pets and domesticated livestock is the degree of contact between owner and animal. Another distinction is the owner's affection for the animal, which is often returned.


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The tales of Amicus Black, awesome rescued shelter mutt (Shepherd/Collie) and his owner, two spirits gaining knowledge and experience in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Calling all animal lovers.... Inspiring
and resourceful blog from the founders of the new pet deals website: Read on to hear about revolutionary pet products, ways
to help animals, heartfelt personal stories, ingenuous tips and so
much more. Save. Give....Wag.
A blog about baby pugs and all things pug! Because life shouldn't be all work and no pug.
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A Monday-Friday blog about farm life, sustainability, animal tales, gardening, etc. Join the Bee Haven Maven as she weaves tales about life on a hobby farm in central PA.
Its all about my pack of furry's8 dogs and 7 cats in the Kingdom of Cambodia
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Training adventures and daily fun living with a wire fox terrier .
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I'm an aspiring young adult writer, Florida-raised and Alaska-grown. Drawing upon my experiences as a zookeeper, animal trainer and environmental educator, I enjoy exploring the complex bonds that exist between animals and humans. I'm also a big fan of cryptozoology and the possibilities of the unknown.
You are about to experience some very special dogs. These dogs are looking for a new home and someone to love them. Before you spend money on a puppy from a puppy mill or search out an expensive full-blooded dog you can brag about, please take a look at our rescues. They are so deserving. Some of them have been mistreated. All of them need someone like you to love.
Breeding canaries, parrots and exotic, wild and hybridization canaricultura produces sports and ornithology
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