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The arts is a broad subdivision of culture, composed of many creative endeavors and disciplines. It is a broader term than "art," which as a description of a field usually means only the arts.The arts encompasses visual arts, literature and the performing arts - music, drama, dance and film, among others.


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Author Caroline Gerardo, thesaurus, reviews, books, Toxic Assets, Greed, Vanity
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NYC + Awesome = NYC Awesome

All the off-beat people, places and things that make NYC awesome.
Matters of wisdom are beyond the grasp of a stubborn fool. This blog is about Music, Humour, Movies, Reviews, Commentary, Rants, Obscure Thoughts, Web Games, Previews, Trailers, Software, Food, Sports, Radio, Facts, Non-facts, Language. But mostly bathrooms. Cynical, sardonic but mostly ironic.
This simple forum was created to provide a place of OPEN DIALOGUE... and I pledge NOT to DELETE everybody who disagrees with me. Please feel free to defend Pastor Bishop, his bigass ring, his shiny suits and his perma-tan which would invoke envy in Lindsay Lohan! Feel free to rant, rave or cry as you see fit. God bless us everyone and pass the goose!
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It is a photoblog with photos taken by me about different topics and many beautiful places.
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The Dance Enthusiast: A Moving Arts Project

The Dance Enthusiast was created by critically acclaimed solo performer, dance enthusiast, dance history buff, passionate New Yorker via the Virgin Islands, and busy mother of two artistic boys, Christine Jowers. Working with a team of talented dancer/writers, photographers, and videographers, Jowers shares a unique, personal view of NYC's moving artists and their dance life.
I'm a Culinary Arts student taking my time to enjoy the beauty in life through baking, cooking and learning new crafts.
We offer a variety of blogs regarding Antiques, Information for new Pickers, our Life Stories, experiences and a vast amount of great Daily stuff.
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Photographic Reviews, Equipment, and Projects. We look at DIY projects, Various equipment for photographers, and some instruction on techniques including IR and HRD photography.
History, news, global topics, cultural issues. Social interests, political opinions and issues.
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