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Family: Basic social unit consisting of persons united by ties of marriage (affinity), "blood" (consanguinity), or adoption and usually representing a single household. The essence of the family group is the parent-child relationship, whose outlines vary widely among cultures. One prominent familial form is the nuclear family, consisting of the marital pair living with their offspring in a separate dwelling.

Society or human society is the set of relations among people, including their social status and roles.


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O hi there, I’m Allison, resident recorder of things at this O house! Our Minnesota home is full to the brim with my renovation-addicted husband, two precious tow-headed boys (1 & 3), and, O yes, me – keeping it real and real messy for you here on the inter webs.
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...where laughter lives: The Riggs Family...............
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Join me now as I chronicle the ups, the downs, and all the twists and turns in this crazy little thing called life.  It's sure to be a trip. ;)
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Our goal is to help lift your spirits and hopefully help you to discover more about the love of God for every one of us. Our intent here is for you to gather strength, hope, guidance where you might need it in your lives and maybe even deepen your faith.

The Weekly Word itself is published on a weekly basis and is written by 4 non-professional writers who each week will share experiences or bring forth what the Holy Spirit has guided them to write that week.
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Being in prison is rough...being the loved one of someone in prison is rough too. Share our journey as Lorne and I take this path towards creating a life together inside and outside prison walls.
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Blog about my 2 year old son, the best products for mommy and baby, entering sweepstakes, and couponing and saving money!
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A blog about parenting, life events, and opinions.
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Little Kingdom Child care center in Encinitas, CA is a state licensed child care center. It is providing a perfect balance of academic and social developmental programs to children, that is exclusively designed to give every child the highest quality of attention and learning experience to kids between six weeks to twelve years of age.
a diary of a working mama who trying to be a superhero mama for her children, to be the best wife for her husband, the best child for her parents, and the best woman for her friends and communities.
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Gay rights movement continues even after 40 years. It's time for complete equality NOW!!!
Religious and Right Wing fanatics are trying to take civil rights back to 1950s.
It is time to put and end to discrimination and injustice FOR ALL.
Be part of the Quiet Riot! Get MAD! Get Equal!
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