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Indian Vegeterian Food blog with detailed recipes and pictures, quick snack healthy food recipes,
My Retro Kitchen got its name with the idea that the art of a homecooked, sit-down family dinner is a thing of the past. It is a retro idea. I think it is one of the best things a person can give their family! This is a place where I chat about my cooking adventures (and fails) review cookbooks and restaurants and really talk about anything food.
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FOODAMN! was coined from the members of the family who often ask what's the menu/meal for the day, goes like what's your foodamn for today? :)
Foodamn! This site is a random blog about interesting foodie, stuff, people, places & events that we would like to share & inspire readers & visitors alike.
This blog is about Gluten Free living and the ups and downs. It contains all my favourite gluten free recipes especially of the sweet variety as well as pictures to accompany it. It starts from when I found out I was a celiac and how my life changed and the food choices I had to make also changed. How I struggled to find anything I liked until I found that if I made everything myself then It tasted fab!
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Follow the culinary adventures of the Disgruntled Diner searching for a good restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel. Laugh and cry at the humorous social observations of the people who make up this unique city. The blog is updated once a week with new funny and culinary experiences.
In India chai is very default drink after water to serve your guest with some snack. Beautiful thing about chai is that it will go with any kind of snack such as samosa,pakora, paratha, mixture, khakhara ,vada pav, dalvada, masala-puri etc even you can enjoy it by itself.I like my chai with water in milk. Some people, like my dad love their chai just made with milk.
I've taught myself how to make macarons. They say that on a level of difficulty French macarons are 10/10. This blog is about my journey. I love making them because I can create wonderful colours, flavours and textures. You can make them too with my step by step instructions complete with photos.
This blog chronicles my journey in food, I teach, I cook, I Eat. I am a blogger, culinary instructor and photographer.
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This blog is a digital diary/journal for our cooking experiments in the kitchen.
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We are elementary school teachers in Southern California. Davide was born and raised in Venice, Italy. Shawnna was born in Santa Ana, California. We are married and have a son, Alex. We share a passion for traveling and food. With this blog we want to celebrate everything that is passion, tradition, and culture about Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis, of course, on Italian food. Buon Appetito !!
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