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Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human.

In public health, "lifestyle" generally means a pattern of individual practices and personal behavioral choices that are related to elevated or reduced health risk.

Are Medicinal Herbs Safe To Use?

There is no medicinal herb with unpleasant side effects ever recommended by any botanic physician. With all the thousands of years of "trial and error", we pretty much know the medicinal effects of herbs.

Practically all herbals that are recommended for healing...

@S.A.F.E. Alternatives Blog - This is a "trigger-free" site. Please do not use language containing graphic descriptions of Self Injurious behaviors. Words such as self injury, self harm, and the initials S.I. will be approved. Be mindful of swear words which are inappropriate and offensive to minors and others. This site is monitored and anyone found to continually violate these conditions will be removed from this entire blog site.
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@Toms lifestream Blog - Site is a blog with focus on how to live healthy and how my life is after a candida cure. and my passion is addiction treatment,advice and so on. What i am interested in.
@Dirty Blonde Ambition Blog - A collection of hand-picked fashion favorites, beauty tutorials and product reviews. My style is the juxtaposition of classy, timeless glamour and flattering silhouettes against pops of fun, surprising and unique elements that somehow magically work together.
@A Teaspoon of Love Blog - A Teaspoon of Love, my new blog, is a blog that I'm hoping to promote. It's a blog that I hope will inspire many people, especially teens, to live a better life full of love, joy, and hope. I'm using an original way of portraying my thoughts and words into a "recipe" format. I stress adding a little bit of "spice" into your life, and sprinkling some love too. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it!
@Best Health Blog - Features news and updates from this Canadian women's health magazine.
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@Gretchen Coley Blog - Get to know about Gretchen Coley and her life as a professional athlete and a responsible mom at
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@Shamanic Evolution Blog - Shamanic Evolution is a spiritual exploration of shamanism and shamanic practice in the modern world. Incorporating personal stories, insights, practical advice and knowledge, this site is aimed at any seeker looking to explore an ancient art in the context of today's environment.
@Fashion Business World Blog - Community of people who share a love for fashion and style. Regularly publish articles with news and items of interest for all fashionistas around the world.
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@The Hummingbird Effect Blog - I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD 14 months ago. I started a blog to document my recovery/healing from chronic symptoms. My blog is positive, uplifting, and a dose of good humor
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@A Work in Progress Blog - Colleen Kelly's personal growth and development blog.
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