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define health & lifestyle blogs:

Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human.

In public health, "lifestyle" generally means a pattern of individual practices and personal behavioral choices that are related to elevated or reduced health risk.

Are Medicinal Herbs Safe To Use?

There is no medicinal herb with unpleasant side effects ever recommended by any botanic physician. With all the thousands of years of "trial and error", we pretty much know the medicinal effects of herbs.

Practically all herbals that are recommended for healing...

@Miwitch Blog - An Asian (Singapore) Beauty Fashion Cosplay Blog. I blog about fashion, beauty & cosplay as a hobby and interest during my own free time.
In my blog, you can view stuffs like my fashion Outfit of the Day (OOTD), haul, magazine scans, cosplay event & photo shoot photos.... to beauty product reviews, swatches, price comparisons, promotions & sales, new product launches..
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@About Time Blog - Our 100% all natural supplements are ideal for everyone, including athletes in training, exercise enthusiasts, dieters and those with clinical nutrition needs.
The Stay Healthy Blog - All about Health, the best diet, exercise, nutrition, sexual activity.
@Queen Bee of Beverly Hills - Handbag Fashion Blog - A daily fashion blog dedicated to the fashionistias, mothers, style seekers, and fashion defining ladies of the world! We are here to be your "rock!" Queen Bee reports on the latest handbag trends (as well as fashion trends) to all the people that simply love to shop "designer!"
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@Living In Grace Blog - A Wretched Sinner Learning to Live in the Grace of God
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@In My Prime Time - A beauty blog for women over 50/60 - how to look our best without breaking the bank (I buy all products I review).
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@Shrinking Sisters Blog - These women aren't actual sisters, but they are good friends and moms who openly share their fitness stories on the Shrinking Sisters blog. The best part about this blog, aside from the great typography and fun Wordless Wednesday photos, is their honesty. They tell it like it is, making theirs an infinitely relatable blog.
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@Eat the Damn Cake Blog - Kate takes on topics about body image and dieting openly and completely honestly. She faces some of the most difficult questions and conversations and manages to write with unwavering grace. Even when tackling difficult truths, she does it without either crumpling into self-pity or jagging her edges with defensiveness.
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The Great Fitness Experiment Blog - While you're reading those glossy fitness magazines and wondering if those techniques actually work for anyone, Charlotte is already hitting the gym, getting sweaty to test them out and make sure they do. She blogs honestly about the best and the worst in fitness, and she isn't one to mince words. Her honesty is what is so appealing, outlining the truth in a path to better total fitness.
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Temptalia is a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, photos, swatches, tutorials, and beauty tips, along with popular features, such as Dupe List, Foundation Matrix, and Swatch Gallery. The company was founded in October of 2006 by Christine Mielke, who is also the editor-in-chief. Temptalia is a word Christine invented to describe the perfect woman–”she’s smart, sexy, confident, and totally amazing!”
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