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The crazy antics of my family. Whether you need a little laugh, or want to compare just how crazy your family is to mine, or maybe you need to learn the rules of surviving a meshugeh(cazy) family, this is the blog to read. I update it almost daily and there is always something funny going on!
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A place of random stuffs. Reviews of songs, animes, movies, games. Recommendation tips/ articles. Laughters include jokes, riddles, funny animation.

Just have fun, stay tuned. (:
A place to debate, discuss and express opinions on sports, news, current events, and human interest stories. Share a laugh on funny videos and stories from the web.
Rainbows Weird World Blog.
Is your life weird and a bit crazy? Do even the most mundane tasks become epic adventures? Do odd things just happen to you? Me too! This is a blog about the funny, strange and often completely unexpected things that seem to happen to me... A new blog is posted every week! XD
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Self-deprecating, mean-spirited, judgemental, & cynical. At your service. I am a therapist by day, but I want to write a book one day about my own crazy life. My stubborn & hot husband is in the Army. All of our children have four legs for the time being. (We will amputate when we are ready for a Real Boy!)
(Clicks: 9; Listing added: Sep 21, 2010) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing is a Blog about the randomness of the internet. I find myself doing Google image searches of random words and coming up with some pretty crazy stuff. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its disturbing, sometimes its pretty cool. I will incorporate searches from Google image search, Bing image search (for the ‘cooler’ images) and probably some Youtube videos here and there.

Hope you enjoy! Tell your friends!
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Punny cartoons. Yes, punny is a word. At least now it is.
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A somewhat "alternative" breakfast show in which two bald headed blokes masquerade as radio presenters for 3 hours every Wednesday morning from 7am til 10am. Catch them before the station manager comes to his senses!
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Funny, raw and offensive. From childhood stories to my life's observations, its nonstop laughs.