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An American living in the Netherlands, Tiffany shares travel tips, ideas on learning Dutch, and general information about life in the Netherlands
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Read about my travels and observations, an Australian expat in Dubai. I eat, I explore, I learn, I absorb, and I share....
(Clicks: 3; Listing added: Feb 2, 2011) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing
The chronicles of one very foreign family as we navigate becoming parents ten thousand miles from home. Also, ocasional reference to sparkles, unicorns and poo-poo flecks.
A blog about life on the Mediterrean Island of Cyprus. We live in the village of Pissouri which is situated halfway between the towns of Limassol and Paphos.
A Q&A blog for people traveling to China. Expat resource with other links and expat bogs.
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Kuwait's one-stop-shop for Intriguing titles that MEASURE up to the content. My blog is similar to my taste in music and life, Eclectic – Selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas. So sit back, relax and enjoy!
The Malta Observer is an expat resident in Malta since a couple of years and loves Malta, especially the kindness of the people. However, in The Observer’s opinion, there are reasons to comment on some circumstances in Malta from a foreigner’s point of view. Blog is about politics, media, news, judicial system, culture, food, entertainment, sports and much more.
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We've been together since we were 19, and after working way too many hours in the corporate world, and then surviving cancer, we've made a change. We are now about to become first time parents, and make the move from Sydney to Croatia to “Chase the Donkey”, and blogging about building a home by the sea.
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Our adventures while living and working in India. All of my entries are based on real experiences in India and typically have photographs included to be shared with those who read it.
(Clicks: 9; Listing added: Oct 15, 2012) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing
An expat sharing stories and recommendations about travelling and living in Phnom Penh, and other adventures in Cambodia
(Clicks: 13; Listing added: Oct 18, 2012) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing