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a blog about bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and supplements
Here you will find content teaching you how to have a healthy balanced diet to gain six pack abs, ensure you take the best route for your nutritional needs and which fat-triggering foods you must avoid.
Your approach to health and wellness goals. Here one can find everything that is related to fitness, weight loss, mental health and physical health.
Up to date tips about health and fitness that focus on women. I'm a certified lifestyle and weight management councilor and fitness instructor so you get reliable information. I try not to be too technical but also don't leave out the good stuff. Health and fitness can be confusing. I clear it up for you. My goal is to keep fitness on your mind so you keep fitness in your life!
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Paula Freeman Munos is a sports fanatic (or fan-lunatic) who watches, reads and writes about sports and the people who play them. Her favorite subjects are those that show the practical application of and correlation between sports, health and life, although nothing regarding sports is off-limits.
If you think losing weight is impossible, you don't know Jack Sh*t. He's lost over 75 lbs over the past year and a half and shares his story about lightening up in a light-hearted way.
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A Blog dedicated to all those WTF and Fail moments of people workingout, articles, workout tips, gym signs, exercise routines, and so on...
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Gaining and then losing weight throughout my college years was the first time in my life that I struggled with maintaining my weight. Since this is a common time for women especially to gain weight in their lives, I decided to share my trials and tribulations of living a healthy lifestyle in hopes that I can help someone struggling with the same issue.
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Get yourself out of a workout rut with these go-to, never-get-old, dance-and-sing-your-butt-off, tunes!
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Couch 2 5K and Beyond. We're two friends who decided to start running for health, fitness, and the joy of comraderie. This blog shares our journey as we learn the sport and acheive our goal to run a 5K together.
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