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Keaton's Kitchen is a food blog featuring simple and healthy recipes. Keaton's Kitchen is written by Keaton Buster, a culinary student who is passionate about cooking nutritious foods, and living a healthy life!
I'm turning 40 this year and decided to 'up' my accountability by posting "clean" recipes on a blog. I'm posting one recipe for each day of the year that is "clean" by the Tosca Reno "Eat Clean Diet" rules... my biggest challenge? Making it family friendly because I have five kids... and making it budget friendly, because 4 of them are teenagers!
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Do you want to become a Vegetarian or just a healthier are some tips and recipes to make your life easier.

This blog is to designed exhibit my true love of food. The true loves of my life vary from day to day it seems…but the thing that stays most constant is cooking. Cooking for two or cooking for ten, there is no better feeling than creating something amazing in your kitchen.
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A Personal blog/ website created to help you find ways to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle. Full of healthy, easy and inexpensive recipes. Offers ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.
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Anecdotes and recipes from my ever-evolving adventures in cooking without an oven!
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Follow me as I discover new ways to make old and new favorite recipes healthy for bariatric patients.
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Passionate About Baking is a food blog about baking,cooking,photography,food trends, cuisines and cultures ... mainly about 'Doing Food From Scratch'.The blogger is based in India where her biggest challenge is the non-availability of many baking ingredients.Deebas current obsession is baking with fruit, exploring new ingredients like beets, alternative flours, gluten free foods etc.She enjoys food styling,food photography,recipe development and cookbook/product reviews.
We offer the best daily lunch deals you can imagine to the best restaurants in Indianapolis.
Your health and fitness food blog from your Texan lovin, stylishly modern, hard working fitness diva, wannabe biker mama!
Ever make food and have leftover veggies and meats that just sit in your fridge because you don't know what to do with them? Not only are these fit foods, but BUDGET worthy! Use the leftover veggies and fresh herbs and lose the size!
Yes... I have training... but being fit is 80% diet! Let's get nutrition savvy and cook!
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